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Triage of a Novel: The Lies of Locke Lamora

Across the Room: gritty, a bit jarring with the flashbacks. But, overall, engaging


Temperature: normothermic; it had a great balance of fun and grit. There were times I was laughing out loud, others that I felt tears welling in my eyes, and others I was on the edge of my seat with an unmistakable adrenaline rush.

Heart Rate: Normal rate/rhythm; it had a great balance of slow-fast pacing. I loved the buildup of the slower set-up in the first half of the book, with a pounding "what's going to happen next??" feel in the second.

Blood Pressure: I'd say stage 1 hypertension; it was a little confusing, and the flashbacks in the middle of the action were a bit jarring. Overall, however, I was able to follow it, and I grew used to the jarring flashbacks by the 33% mark.

Respirations: normal rate; These characters are so incredible. I have nothing bad to say about them (except their career choices, of course)

Oxygenation: a touch hypoxic; while the descriptions of the characters' surroundings in the moment were great (I didn't have any "white room syndrome"), the overall world-building left much to be desired. I think the addition of a map (I don't know if there is one in different editions, but mine did not have on) would help as far as grounding me in the overall world-building.

Work of Breathing: no difficulty breathing. I was immersed in page one. The only things that pulled me out of the story were the jarring flashbacks (something I got used to), or my husband asking me to put the book down (the nerve!)


Family: fantasy

Medical: a bit drawn-out at times, with much longer sentences than necessary. However, no major comorbidities with overall grammar.

Psychiatric: Very well-grounded relationships; by far one of the best friendships in modern literature

Socio-economic: I'm assuming adult demographic. Definitely reads like one.

Head to Toe Assessment:

Head and face: Based on the cover I have, I was intrigued. The blurb definitely caught my attention, and got me to read the first couple of pages in the bookstore.

Neck: Oh. My Goodness. Such a hook. I wound up moving through this book so quickly because of these first two pages.

Chest: I was, just a smidge, confused on what the inciting incident was. The plot was a tad complicated, and a thorough follow-up may be in order for me to pinpoint that incident in the book.

Abdomen and Flanks: I have no complaints in the middle. It was well-paced, with the exception of the jarring transition to the interludes.

Perineum: I found no abnormalities in Locke's breaking point. My goodness, this is when he shines the most.

Extremities: You wound't think a thief would have very many redeeming qualities, but his morality is second to none. He knows what he is--embraces it, even--but he also knows what he is not. I am thoroughly impressed, and the climax had me on the edge of my seat.

Backside: I loved the amount of humor that was injected into this resolution. It was a perfectly fitting end for Locke and Jean's adventures in Camorr

Prognosis: Very Good (4.5 stars); I wish I could give half stars on Goodreads (4 stars there), but overall, there were just a couple of findings in the assessment above that bothered me enough to knock a half star off.

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